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The blueprint (plan) as PDF
The blueprint (plan) DXF
The order list


The plan - Le Quartz

As a start in trick kite building, I recommend the "Le Quartz" designed by Christian Derefat. Christian is one of the best pilots in Belgium (Belgium champion in 2006 and 2007) and he has designed a lot of well known trick kites: "Le Virus", "Le Karma", "Le neutron" and certainly the "Le Diablis" which is marketed by R-sky. I'm very grateful towards Christian for allowing me to use his trick kite "Le Quartz" in my website and kite building course.

The blueprints of Christian Derefat are (opposed to a lot of others on the web) very reliable. The kite you'll build will certainly be a very good trick kite! You can download the plan in 3 versions. On this website you can only find the simplified version of "Le Quartz". The other versions and more info (videos!) you can find here: de cadre.htm.

The colorizer:
You can use this to choose your own combination of colors.

The plan:
Comes in two shapes: as a .PDF file and as a .DXF file. In the .PDF you will find the lay-out of the plan and the lay-out of the moulds.

The order list:
This is a document that has all the parts listed to build one kite. You use that easily to order all you need to build your own kite!