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building your own trickkite

The Bridle

Step 4: The activator legs

1. Put a mark on the Upper Leg at 285 mm from the top.

2. Put a mark on the Inner Leg at 300 mm from the spine.

3. Cut two lengths of bridle line, each 270 mm long.

4. Make a loop in the Upper Leg with the mark in the middle, put one end of a activator line through the loop from the bottom up,

turn the end to the left and turn it twice around the loop.

5. Put the end of the activator line through the loop from the Upper Leg and pull the activator line tight. Melt the excessive part with the flame of a lighter (or a candle). Tap the molten end onto a hard object to flatten the end against the knot.

Watch Out: make sure that the Activator is tensioned at the mark on the Upper Leg. The mark should be visible.

6. At 205 mm from the knot you just made, put a mark on the Inner Leg

7. Knot the Activator to the Inner Leg using the same method as above.

8. Repeat these steps at the other side of the kite.

Watch Out: When you hold the kite at the two Pig Tails and let it hang loose, there should be no tension in the Activator!