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Dear Kitelover,

This is "THE" website for those who want to build their own trick kite. The trick kite has seen giant leaps in development, lately. This special kind of two-line kite allows you to fly in a 3D field.

Opposite to the time consuming searches I had to undertake in the old days, today we have the internet and access to several trustworthy online shops. There we can buy all the necessary materials we need to build our own trick kites. There is also a lot of information to be found about how to perform all those tricks and how to turn your skills into a showstopper. Unfortunately, there was no website where you could learn how to build your own kite step by step. Today however, you are looking at one now! With this website, we want to give you all the knowledge and instructions you need to build a trick kite all by yourself. After years of experimenting, we came to a clear step-by-step method we want to share with you. Because it is very hard to develop a kite from scratch, we present you an existing well-tested plan, you can download it here at our website. This kite is called "Le Quartz" and was developed by Belgian Christian Derefat.

Money matters: Just like most hobbies, flying a trick kite can cost you a lot of money. The parts of a kite aren't exactly cheap. But if you look at it, in this case it's not so much the money spent that counts, but the chance that you can fly and have fun with a creation all by yourself! It doesn't matter if you are 7 or 77 years old, nothing will give as much fun as flying your very own kite. For about €80,00 (£50) you can build your own trick kite, a new trick kite in a shop will set you back three times as much and more! The quality will be far better than any cheap kite you can buy at the beach-shops. Flying your own created trick kite will give you a very good feeling about yourself. We wish you a lot of fun and success, building your own trick kite,

Hugo and Tom

Special thanks to "Lydia Longrun" for helping out with the translation!