Tweelijners - BelgiŽ - Anno 2011

HORIZON The sequel continues ...

De Horizon staat aan de basis van veel van m'n zelfbouw-projecten, zoals eerder reeds geschreven.
Momenteel ben ik bezig met de ontwikkeling van de Horizon Advance deze is 115% van de Horizon. Plannen in bijlage

Horizon Advance

alternative versions where made, the Advance version is one of those. 115% larger than the original, the kite is much more precize, a lot slower and gives more feed-back than his smaller brother. A kite really fun to fly and able of the most modern tricks, itís quite radical (partly because of the bridle adjustmend that brings the nose forward at a relatively sharp angle and with air-brakes between the whiskers to work as balance against that bridle adjustment) In a few words you can describe the Horizon as a kite that puts a smile on your face, just fun flying, no worries when tricks sometimes fail (recoveries are easy)

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