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B'zar 2009 Stdi

Kite Designs in Belgium

For a couple of years now, it is a tradition for some Belgian pilots to design and build their own kites. Way back in the early days of the Filtoy shop in a small town called Vremde, people were trying to build the perfect trick kite. So, there's nothing new under the sun :-)

Pilots then build kites just for themselves, it was way too complicated to get molds and plans across the country towards other pilots. Things changed for the better with the wide spread use of the internet. Although many kites were available as a plan and "free to build and use", not one of those was capable of flying the tricks that people wanted to do then.

Christian Derefat designed "Le Virus", the first trick kite one could build that was loaded with tricks! The plans were on the internet and could be downloaded and used. Pretty soon a lot of "Le Virus" kites were popping up in pictures all over the globe. As mister Derefat soon develloped other kites (Neutron, Diablis, Vortex, to name but a few), other pilots decided to take on the concept and design their own likings of trick kites. Werner Hulstaert could move on from his long time devellopment, the B'zar, while guys like Frederik Strobbe found inspiration in Prism kites and the likes.

Other people helped out a lot, by creating the tutorials on how to build those trick kites, making all this available on the internet and giving seminares and workshops on the subject (take a look at the website from Tom Degryse)

Here we intend to collect all the links and info one could need to build a Belgian made design of trick kite, listing them up as they come available to the public

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